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Between 600 and 1300, Orthodox Christianity spread from southern to northern Europe, from Constantinople to Moscow; Latin Christianity spread from Western to Eastern Europe, from the Roman limes to the Baltic countries, and Islam spread eastward and westward, from The Caucasus to Poland in central Europe and to southern Spain and Sicily. The regions where the three religions overlapped witnessed all sorts of interactions, from conflict and competition to cohabitation and cultural exchange, with periods of significant cooperation and others of harsh discrimination and even annihilation. In the collective memories of the peoples in East and West, what happened during this time still occupies a special place. Names and dates of far away people and places still inform the perceptions and judgements of large populations across the OSCE region about "the Other".
Interlinking five institutes with a wide geographical spread across the OSCE region, Bridging Histories aims to produce teaching materials for formal and non-formal education that highlight the history of relations between Christianity and Islam in Europe and the US from different perspectives. The project addresses ways in which these relations are currently being dealt with; connects history writing to regional collective memories and produces didactic materials that bridge the gap in the respective (regional) narratives through integrating all the different pieces.
Bridging Histories encourages discussion on the plurality of historic experience and raises awareness in the educational field that the histories of East and West need to be related to one another in order to make sense of the whole. It provides teachers, policy makers and multipliers in education with insights and background knowledge; and produces teaching materials that support the present effort to reduce intolerance and discrimination towards Islam and Muslims in European societies.
Participating Persons and Institutes:
  • Shabbir Mansuri, Munir A. Shaikh - Institute on Religion and Civic Values, San Francisco, California, USA
  • Anas Al-Shaikh-Ali CBE, Jeremy Henzell-Thomas, Nabil Matar - Association of Muslim Social Scientists, London, UK
  • Marat Gibatdinow - Shihabuddin-Mardani-Institute for History, Academy for the Sciences of the Republic Tatarstan, Kazan, RU
  • Beatriz Malik Lievano - Faculty of Education, UNED Madrid, Spain

Coordinator: Gerdien Jonker - Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research, Braunschweig, Germany




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